18 and ready to roll

Packed and ready to go. About 18 kg of shorts and shirts, sun screen and insect repellent, and travel books and iodine cream. Prepared for cold hikes in the Japanese Alps, the humid heat in Malaysia, for diving in the Philippines, or expeditions through the Vietnamese jungle. Everything ready, all but a plan. Four months on the road, meeting up with friends here and there, and be surprised where to go next.

Choose to pack? Or pack to choose?

Packing clothes was surprisingly fast this time. I don’t like carrying around things I don’t need at the end of the trip, so I’m a classical “pack to choose” person. I check what I want to do during the trip and pack accordingly. Ideally I used all the cloths I packed, not more, not less. But this time it’s different. No planning like “how much socks and shirts do I need? Shall I pack 1-2 spares? Or do I want to wash in-between?”. I’ll just wash whenever I run out of clean cloths.¬†And if I really miss something then it’s worth buying it if I need it during that time. So I have all I need for 10-15 days. Even for shoes the decision was quite easy, a pair of robust running shoes for hiking and running, Chucks for laid-back city days and going-out at night, and flip flops for, well, everywhere you might need flip flops. So apart from alpine hikes and fancy dress code clubs I should be covered.

The curse of the gadget addict

The easier the packing is with cloths, the more difficult it is for me as gadget addict. I want to have my digital camera, ideally with 1-2 lenses for different occasions, my laptop for photo editing and writing, my phone for staying connected, my tablet for streaming or reading pdfs, my kindle for reading ebooks, a power bank for when there’s no outlet in the dorm, an external disk for backing up photos, my gopro for diving, spare batteries for long days of shooting and filming, and charger(s) to recharge all those things. As my new laptop uses USB-C PD for charging I opted for a charger that has 4 regular USB and 1 USB-C port with PD (20V instead of 5V) capabilities. So I can charge all important things at once using just one outlet. Especially useful in hostels where outlets are rare and always occupied.

So I’m ready to go. With a mixture of anticipation, excitement, curiosity and a dash anxiety I’ll start my big trip tonight. From Frankfurt via Nuremberg and Munich to Tokyo. Godspeed!